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Photo of the Lakeside Camp Park
Photo of the Lakeside Camp Park
Photo of the Lakeside Camp Park
Photo of the Lakeside Camp Park

Description of Lakeside Camp Park: A modern Campground and RV Park located in a convenient suburban setting. Within the park's 35 acres, there are 146 campsites with separate areas for seasonal sites and sites used for daily or weekend camping. Seasonal sites are equipped with full hook-ups while sites used for daily or weekend camping have either full hook-up or water/electric hook-ups. All sites are generally large and each has its own picnic table and fire ring.

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Traveler Reviews of Lakeside Camp Park

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This camp park On my scale of 1-10 is about a six, If you own an RV it would not be a bad place to spend one night and then move on the next day.
My family and I are semi rustic campers and we called the Lakeside camp park 2 weeks in advance to make reservations for the 4th of July weekend,
we have never been there and did not know what to expect, we asked for a campsite that was not close to RVS or Trailers with a semi wooded area, they told us no problem, when we arrived we checked in at the main office and they showed us to our site, we only had 2 trees in our area and according to their park rule book we were not allowed to use the two trees for a clothes line or any other small assist. There were Camper trailers and RVs with in 1 foot of our site which
made the tent experience kinda suck and the site was right next two 131 freeway, the cars and trucks were so loud that we had to talk with a loud voice to hear each other and seemed even louder at night. What we were told on the phone and what we had experienced was two different things. I would not recommend Lake side camp park to tenters unless you do not mind feeling like your camping in a trailer park. They need to make an area away from the RV area so the folk in tents can have a better experience with a more outdoorsy feel.

great park

I have been camping at this park for 5 years. it is very clean. The people that work and camp there are very helpfull and friendly. Lots of activities all year round. I will continue camping there as long as possible.

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Lakeside Camp Park

Address of Lakeside Camp Park
13677 White Creek Avenue,
Cedar Springs, Michigan
USA, 49319
Phone of Lakeside Camp Park

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