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Description of Clearwater Campground: Wooded, large lots, 50 AMP service sewers, cable, telephone, water. Private Lake.

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Traveler Reviews of Clearwater Campground

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Worst Place I ever been

There are fights all the time. The people who own the park children fight and police come in. Won't go back. The owners son also is a rapist.

Worst Place Ever!

The owners hate gay people. There were fights that were blammed on us, but we did nothing. The owners are horrible. Its dirty. WOULD NEVER GO BACK!

We love this place

A group of go there every year and we love this place
The staff is amazing so helpful and friendly I would recommend this place to everyone

Worst place ever!!

NOT kid friendly... they blamed everything on our kids even though they were not even there half the time. They are not handicap accessible, and were very rude to us, and friends with disabilities. Not reccomended for children. Mostly senior citizens that form a click, and are rude. Management are the rudest people I have met, for supposedly being professionals. Why have a petting zoo, if you are not even allowed to touch the animals? Never going back again!


This has been by far the worst place I have ever been to. The park is not handicap accessible in any way shape or form. they DO NOT like service dogs at the camp, even though they allow pets they still try to tell you where and where you cannot go with your service dog, plus the owners will ask you multiple times to take your service dog back to your site and when you tell them he is a service dog they ask you what your disability is, which they are not allowed to ask under the Americans with Disabilities Act and under Michigan state law, and when you refuse to tell them what your disability is they become really snotty with you and make fun of your disability, the owners daughter is the worst of the bunch, she goes by Mikie. If I were you I would never go to Clearwater Campground, unless you wanted to be treated like shit and listen to the owners bitch to you about something you had nothing to do with, I WOULD HAVE NEVER OF GONE HERE IF I KNEW THEY WERE NOT HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE. STAY AWAY FROM CLEARWATER CAMPGROUND

can you really not touch the animals at the petting zoo??? i wanted to go there for a couple days for vacation and have a good time any one tell me any positive things negative things about this place?

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Clearwater Campground

Address of Clearwater Campground
1140 Ortonville Road,
Ortonville, Michigan
USA, 48462
Phone of Clearwater Campground
(248) 627-3820

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